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ALETHEA Business Services

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ALETHEA is a specialized business coaching company which aims at helping SMEs grow their business in the Middle East

ALETHEA Business Services

Our Vision
Tailored advice

Our Mission

We consult SMEs that don’t have the time, resources & expertise to venture into the Middle East. We provide customized business advice to develop & grow your business – together.

10+ years

ALETHEA Business Services

About Our Company

We provide tried-and-tested business expertise & best practice based on agile methodology and design thinking.

Corporate Principles

Founded in 2014 with the aim to develop business projects for payment, security & machinery solutions for the Middle East.


With more than 100 years of combined business experience ALETHEA Trading has the proficiency and expertise to facilitate your market entry into the Middle East.

ALETHEA Business Management

Our Management

With years of experience in the industry, they guide our team towards achieving our mission and vision.

Dr. Abdulhamid Kashgari

Founder & Chairman

Dr. Abdulhamid Kashgari founded Alethea Trading in the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) to expand his international business activities. As a German-educated Facharzt with well over 40 years of experience his analytical skills, diagnosis and in-depth knowledge reach well beyond medicine. His trusted advice earned him the reputation of a well-known medical expert and seasoned businessman. Today, more than ever he continues to provide guidance and support to the company.

Nader Kashgari

Managing Director

Nader Kashgari joined Alethea Trading as Associate Director back in 2014, being chiefly responsible for the business development and growth strategy in U.A.E. In 2018 he assumed the role of Managing Director for Alethea Trading and thus the key responsibility for the business. With his background in International Business and Economics he established a record as a strategic thinker, business driver and sales expert.

ALETHEA Business Services


Our Offering

We structure the business development process for you by bridging the gap from idea to implementation. We help you to capture new business, fast-track technology assessments and gain efficiency in implemantation.

ALETHEA Business Services

Tailored business concepts to develop new projects and revenue streams for you

Technology Assessment

Learn, discuss and interact with seasoned experts. Fast-track technology assessments.

Market Screening & Evaluations

Understand market requirements and needs. Acquire relevant market insights.

Know-how scaling

Gain access to relevant industry insights and best practices without the need to become an expert yourself.

Business Development

Get customized business advise & guidance to develop and grow your business. Utilize ALETHEA’s resources.

Trade partner services

Assess & select the right local partner for success. Our network is your network.

Company set-up services

Understand local rules & regulations. Find the ideal set-up for growth of your business.

Gain access to relevant industry insights and best practices w/o the need to become an expert.

Business Development

Get customized business advise and practical guidance to develop & grow your business.

ALETHEA Business Services

Our Target

Future-proof your business in a multi-polar world by relying on our industry-proven track record.

ALETHEA Business Services

Why You Choose Us?

Know-how scalers

Fast-track your market entry to the Middle East

Business developers

Benefit from expert business advise & practical guidance


Develop projects that generate new revenue streams for you

ALETHEA Business Services

Our partners

ALETHEA Business Services

Our Company

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Registered office: FDBC0749
Compass Building, Al Shohada
Road, Al Hamra Industrial Zone, Ras
Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates

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