Announcement of Cooperation

We are proud to announce that Alethea Trading FZE and Cash Consult Middle East FZ LLE agreed to a close cooperation in the field of cash logistics consultation.

While Cash Consult Middle East FZ LLE is specialized in cash management related consulting for banks and CIT-Companies, Alethea Trading FZE focuses on business development and go-to-market consultation for SMEs.

The cooperation is starting with immediate effect. Both companies recognize the importance of collaboration and the complementary nature of their businesses.

“Alethea Trading is excited about the collaboration with Cash Consult Middle East. The experience of Cash Consult ideally complements our consultation offering into the Payment Industry, while the shared company values facilitate the interaction.”, says Nader Kashgari, Managing Director of Alethea Trading FZE.

“Cash Consult Middle East FZ LLE is greatly looking forward to cooperating with Alethea Trading. Together we want to contribute to the continuous growth of cash related businesses. Against all odds and predictions, cash still has tremendous importance for many in the MEA region, especially for the unbanked, and we are very keen to do our share to keep cash relevant, viable and attractive for all.”, says Bernd Paulussen, Founder & Executive Director of Cash Consult Middle East FZ LLE.

Dubai, 10. February 2021

Alethea Trading and Dhow Consulting Announce Strategic Partnership To Facilitate Scottish Business Market Expansion in Middle East.

Working together across the distance – the collaboration between Alethea Trading and Dhow Consulting creates a vast support system for our clients while facilitating Scottish SMEs in seizing opportunities across the Middle East. In an era where global connectivity is paramount, we are represented in Scotland, Germany, U.A.E. and K.S.A.

By combining their expertise and networks , the collaboration offers a unique approach, fusing global knowledge with local insight. This ensures that businesses in Scotland not only gain access to the Middle East markets but also receive tailored support that aligns with their specific needs and aspirations.

“We are excited about the collaboration. Our shared passion for nurturing SMEs and our ‘glocal’ strategy create a formidable advantage for businesses aiming to thrive in both Scottish and Middle Eastern markets. Our partnership aims to empower Scottish businesses to navigate the complexities of international expansion with confidence.” (Nader Kashgari, Managing Director ALETHEA Trading FZE).

 “This collaboration is not only a full circle moment for Dhow Consulting, it also enables us to provide on the ground support to Scottish business looking to expand to the Middle East. With our combined market and cultural knowledge we aim to guide our customers to success in new markets.” (Nadia Fyvie-Feldmann Founder of Dhow Consulting)


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